Replacement for the Kokuyo Kaddy

After my Are you an office supply junkie? post yesterday, several people asked about the pencil case shown in the photo. It is the Kokuyo Kaddy which used to be carried by JetPens (and other retailers) but appears to no longer be available. After some searching, I discovered a similar design available from Mead called the Five Star Stand ‘N Store. I’ve seen them stocked at local office supply big box stores but it can be purchased online through the Mead website for $6.99 plus shipping.

See? I do care!

4 thoughts on “Replacement for the Kokuyo Kaddy

  1. I have one of these and it is a die-hard! It holds my pencils, pens, lead, my repositionable glue stick, my exacto knife, my eraser. Yes, it holds a lot yet fits well in a backpack or a messenger bag. My wife has one of these as well and it is always nearby!

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