Winner: Holiday Gift Guide Gift Certificate

Thanks to everyone who left comments and wish lists for The Pen Addict Gift Guide Rebuttal and thanks to Brad and Myke for not being too annoyed with me.

It appears that the TWSBI Minis and Pilot Hi-Tec C Coletos are very popular items this year. Rhodia pads are also popular as are Field Notes and Uni-Ball Style Fit multi-pens are getting some love too. Inks from all the major manufacturers also got shout-outs and the Retro 51 is getting love too.

If I had won the big Lotto jackpot, I would have bought all the items on the wish lists but I didn’t so we must rely on the generosity of JetPens to provide one $25 gift certificate to the winner of the drawing.

And the winner is:

gift guide winner

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 11.05.03 AM

Congrats, Kristina! I hope that graduate school and Christmas are both clear sailing for you!

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