Visconti Bakelite-Like Ink Cartridge Case

Last week, I got a tip about the Visconti Bakelite-like ink cartridge holders available on Choosing Keeping. Each sells for £4 and holds seven short European standard ink cartridge refills in a coordinating color to the case. Upon further research my friends found a US vendor selling the same item for $6.90 via Amazon.The prices are pretty comparable whether you order domestically or abroad.

I have a decent collection of fountain pens that use these short cartridges so I am always looking for a good option to carry a few extra cartridges with me for those “just in case” moments. The Kaweco cartridge dispenser is super cool and I load mine randomly with various ink colors for a little ink roulette but I love the vintage classic look of these Visconti cases that would coordinate perfectly with my Kaweco Guilloch 1930 fountain pen.

Can you tell I like the green one?