Aqua Wednesday Giveaway

Aqua and Brown

Day Three of color-themed sample giveaways in honor of the third anniversary of The Well-Appointed Desk is all about the aqua (with a little brown). Featured in this giveaway is a Cavallini Paris pocket notebook, a couple Hallmark notebooks, an Angela Adams Chronicle Books notebook and a notebook/pen bandolier made of leather and thick black elastic. Also included will be some pens and pencils in the theme color. Some items may have been used for writing tests and review but are practically new (or brand new in some cases). More items may be added.

To enter, just leave a comment telling me your dream trip. Where in the world would you like to go, if time and money were not an issue?

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Thursday, June 20, 2013. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Friday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money.

(Shoutout to JetPens and all the other nice folks who’ve given me samples to review over the years)

123 thoughts on “Aqua Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Oh the places I would go, but first the Palace of Versailles. As Mel Brooks says, “it’s good to be the king.”

  2. I’d love to visit Scandinavia one day. I enjoy a lot of music from Finland, Norway and Sweden, and would like to learn more about their culture first hand. I’d also like to experience Nordic weather.

  3. I would go somewhere in the Caribbean and I would rent that one house that had the glass wall that opened up to the pool that I saw on HGTV. :o)

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  5. I want to go to Siberia. I’ve adored its weird, stark beauty since I watched a National Geographic special on it years ago with my now-husband. Of course, that’s only if money were NO object, since there are so many other, more tourist-friendly places to go first 🙂

  6. Italy, I would spend as long as it took exploring all the wine regions tasting wine and eating local specialities. Keeping a detailed journal of it all.

  7. My greatest travel dream is to crisscross the United States on my bicycle, until I feel I have seen the US in it’s entirety. Then I’m move on to the rest of the world.

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