Video: Hybrid Ballpoint Follow-Up

After writing my reviews of the hybrid ballpoints, I found an ad for the Pilot Acroball that sort of horrified my senses. So then I had to look further to see if Pentel, Uni Ball or Zebra stooped to similar stereotypes. So I’ve collected them all for you here.

Seriously? This is another Bic For Her travesty (read the reviews for entertainment). Shame on you, Pilot.

This Uni Jetstream video just sells the pens and stops trying to stereotype all women as shopaholics with a penchant for matching their pen to their outfits.

Both Surari and Vicuna features ice skating as a metaphor for the pens’ smoothness. Points to Surari for weirdness of the ice skating zebra.

Judged entirely based on the promotional videos, I give the lead to Zebra Surari. Runner-up is Uni Jetstream but they lost first place because of the goofy music.

How would you rate these? Are you more or less compelled to buy any of these pens?

2 thoughts on “Video: Hybrid Ballpoint Follow-Up

  1. 1 to 4, 1 is best…

    Pentel…1 (Smoooth, or is it slick?)

    Uni…2 (OK, but now music is stuck in my head)

    Zebra…3 (Zebra headed human nightmares tonight)

    Pilot…4 (Fashion obsessed women creep me out)

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