Kaweco Fantasie Fountain Pen


There is a new Kaweco fountain pen to ogle. Its called the Fantasie Fountain Pen. There’s a ballpoint option available as well and the refill is actually listed as a G2 and looks like a standard Parker-style refill. It’s designed with a raw brass body designed to accept decorative FIMO dough to the exterior. I love the raw brass and suspect that in its natural state, the pen should patina beautifully but I’m intrigued about the idea of wrapping a pen with FIMO dough (a type of polymer clay that can be hardened in the oven). It would give the pen a very different feel in the hand and would be one-of-a-kind.

The Kaweco Fantasie Fountain pen retails for $54.50 and the ballpoint for $40.50.


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