Leather Cover for Field Notes

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Greg Stevens has created a lovely leather cover for Field Notes (and other similarly-sized pocket notebooks) that includes a pen quiver on the cover and an elastic band to keep it closed. He’s added a pocket inside the front cover for even more functionality. The case looks like it will age beautifully though the elastic might get stretched out. Prices start at $100 and include a 3-pack of Kraft Field Notes.

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Don’t forget that Field Notes offers their own EDC brown leather memo book cover and Pony Express leather pouch in their shop ($85.95 each). Gourmet Pens did a write up on the Davis Leatherworks notebook cover which is distinctly Midori-like. I did a search on Etsy and there are dozens of other options available for notebook covers as well. My favorite from Etsy is the Zenok Leather from Canada. Zenok’s Midori-style covers hold three notebooks and sell for $39 each.

More leather cover options can be seen on The New Artemis as well.

(via Greg Stevens, tip o’ the hat to reader Cheyenne)

3 thoughts on “Leather Cover for Field Notes

  1. These look really nice. I don’t use anything that size, but it looks slick. (Also, I think you forgot a decimal in the price of the Field Notes case.)

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  3. Field Notes just came out with their own case kinda like this. It holds the pen some credit cards and cash for $85. I love your case as well just thought you should know if you didn’t 🙂

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