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Each month, in Vanity Fair magazine (and on their website) there is an annotated photo of a famous person’s desk. For the pen geek, its a treat to see that Jerry Bruckheimer collects ornate fountain pens, that Lorne Michaels office looks just like the set created for Sutdio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and Trey Parker and Mat Stone’s office is just as messy as you thought it would be. I love Aaron Sorkin’s vintage Pen & Pencil ashtray shown in the photo above.

They also have a digital version of the My Desk column called My Phone that shows digerati’s home screens and they discuss their favorite apps.

(via Vanity Fair)

4 thoughts on “Vanity Fair Desks

  1. wow, Lorne’s desk really does look just like the set from Studio 60! I really loved that show — too bad it didn’t make it

  2. I think Vanity Fair stole this idea from me. 🙂 I started doing a “Whats on their desk series” on my site back in 2010, and was planning on revisiting it soon…clearly I don’t have access to celebrities but I thought I got some pretty influential office supply industry folks. 🙂

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