Wired’s “Pro Tip”: Alvin Brass Bullet Sharpener

Wired Pro-Tip article

In this month’s issue of Wired magazine, there is a brief little article about the Alvin Brass Bullet pencil sharpener ($6.17 from our local art supply store, Creative Coldsnow). This dandy little brass, knurled sharpener features the all-important KUM blade. Simple, classic and 100% effective. Glad to see even the tech geeks see the value in a classic manual tool.

4 thoughts on “Wired’s “Pro Tip”: Alvin Brass Bullet Sharpener

  1. I *wondered* when this was going to show up! Nick Stockton interviewed me and Johnny about this months and months ago. No quotes in the story, so I’m guessing he just wanted some background info. What a great layout!

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