House Industries Official Stationery Supplies

House Industries Stationery

House Industries makes some of the most amazing fonts, typography and design. Thankfully, you can now use the same tools as the staff at House Industries uses. Sketch like Andy Cruz with a 6-pack of House Industries branded pencils in a House Industries mini journal. Use an official “House Industries Letter Sharpie” like Ken Barber. And post it all up on the wall with House Industries Carnival masking tape.

House Industries Pencils House Industries Sharpies


(This announcement written with tongue firmly in cheek. But I do love the guys at House Industries and who wouldn’t want one of their fabulous pencils? Or a cycling jersey?)

House Industries Alphabet Masking Tape

3 thoughts on “House Industries Official Stationery Supplies

  1. Looks cool, but it must be the curmudgeon in me thinking that $5 for a Sharpie is a bit…steep. Especially when there are so many in this drawer at work!

  2. The best buy at their site are the gorgeous postcards, twenty dollars for a set of one hundred postcards. You can’t beat that!

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