Vintage office goodies from Life Japanese Stationery

For someone who loves the aesthetics and apparatus of the vintage office, the Life Japanese Stationery products will surely please. Life uses the same featherlight paper stock for their Airmail stationery that they used in 1946 when they opened their doors. They even have matching Airmail envelopes. Airmail paper pad is $12.95 AUD for 50 sheets and envelopes are $9.95 AUD for pack of 10.

If the Airmail stationery does not entice, what about the Typing Bond? The pad is standard A4 sized and includes 50 sheets. Oh, my growing collection of typewriters are going to enjoy stomping little letters across sheets of this fine paper! $8.95 AUD

And no office is complete without a couple steno pads for quick notes. These three lovely pads in subdued vintage colors. The green cover is the traditional Gregg ruled, the yellow with blue lettering is ruled and the yellow with red lettering is grid paper. Each sells for $12.95 AUD.

All products are currently available through Notemaker. Don’t forget to take advantage of the 10% discount at checkout by entering the code “WELLAPPDESK12” at checkout.

This beautiful wood file box and assorted cards  set is one of the most beautiful, iconic pieces of modern office accessories. I’d put it up there with the Aeron chair in items that will be remembered. Lovely Design has been selling these beauties for ten years now and hopefully will continue to sell them for at least another ten. $65

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These notepads from Rifle Paper Co make me want to get my office and desk in “back-to-school order” with objects that inspire me to plan, organize and be prepared for the rest of the year.

I wanted to provide more detailed information about the new line of notepads and calendars for 2012 with these delightful paintings but the high traffic from Design Sponge I must have eaten their server. Hopefully, it’ll be back up now.

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Another great post from Lost Crates blog.


A notebook and a pen can be a highly effective personal productivity system

Why pen and paper?

You may think about iPhones, Blackberries, or at least a computer, so you can remember and search and so on.  I tried using those, but they didn’t work well.  Pen and paper have unique characteristics that are suitable for just “getting things done”. 

  1. Infinite portability: you can take it anywhere,never run out of power,and never lose signal. 
  2. Intuitive:  It is just a tool, and never adds burdens to your brain. This is crucial when you are doing something creative. For me only something creative really excites me. Only those kinds of things can bring me real progress. 
  3. Limitation: You can’t put tons of information on a page in one second. You just write the most important notes most of the time, focusing on the most important words. So you will never face tons of information that easily overloads your brain.
  4. Distraction-free: When you plan anything on a computer, you have to face tons of distractions, IM messages, new emails, rss feed readers, twitter replies, Facebook updates, etc.

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This beautiful little pad comes from Anthropologie originally but I found it on Papermode. Aged brown paper stock, linen tape binding and a column to put those much loved check marks when you’ve completed the tasks on you list. Lovely!

If anyone has seen these at their local Anthropolgie or owns one, can you provide some additional information? Thanks!

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Feeling a bit macabre? DL&Co has just the stationery set for you. Twelve notecards printed with a skull stored in a gothically-delicious ornate resin box. Death threats, heart-wrenching break-ups and morbid poetry has never looked better.

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