Free People Offices




The offices of Free People are in Philadelphia in the navy yard alongside the office for Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. There is a bohemian bazaar feeling to the Free People space that mirrors the fashions that they sell.

I like that they covered the Eames Aluminum Group Chairs with ethnic print fabrics in one of their conference rooms. The natural wood conference tables are such a nice change from the laminate tables found in most conference rooms.



The work spaces are definitely not cubicles in the traditional sense. There’s lots of exposed, natural materials and natural light give the space a studio feel.


(via Garance Dore)

Inside JCrew President Jenna Lyons Office

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

Fast Company featured the new, young president of JCrew, Jenna Lyons in its most recent issue with photos of her office. Her space looks more boho than corner office executive. Its quirky and artsy and totally couture which seems only fitting.

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

The article about Lyons rise to the top of the JCrew ladder is also a great story about how passion and creativity make for better products that corporate strategies and cost-cutting.

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

You can even view her office with a 360 degree viewer on photographer Sam Rohn’s site.

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

Real Kansas City Workspaces

Nate Lewis's North Kansas City home office. Photo by Jennifer Hack/Ink)

Nate Lewis’s North Kansas City home office. Photo by Jennifer Hack/Ink)

(Grace Townley’s tiny workspace. Photo by Jennifer Hack/Ink)
(Angela and Nick Snyder's River Market loft space. Photo by Jennifer Hack/Ink)

(Angela and Nick Snyder’s River Market loft space. Photo by Jennifer Hack/Ink)

In this week’s issue of the free weekly, Ink, there was a photo story of local KC workspaces. I love it when other people collect stories for me!

(Grace Townley’s tiny workspace. Photo by Jennifer Hack/Ink)

There are more real workspaces to view in the article but these were my favorites.

Instagram Loves Office Supplies

I have been following lots of office supply geeks and letter writers, artists and designers and I just thought I’d share some of my favorite Instagram photos from the last few weeks.


Clockwise from top right: Uppercase’s Crafting Supplies, Pencil drawing of Sug-ums by Eabaddeley, Caran D’ache candy colored mechanical pencils found at Greer Chicago by DovBee and Vintage Airmail Envelopes by Scoutshonorco


Clockwise from top right: Canadian protractor ruler by Rad + Hungry, Paper Delivery by IvanR, Notemaker J. Herbin ink bottles, and Pencil Pal Pencils from LetterLoves(I sent them to her)


Clockwise from top right: Vitagum erasers captured at Hammerpress by HelloBF, Portuguese wax crayons from Rad + Hungry, Office work space by Pugly Pixel and New-to-her Smith-Corona typewriter from Adamihasegawa

The Dainty Squid’s Closet/Office

Dainty Squid Clost Workspace

Over the years, I’ve seen some unique workspaces but this is one of the best yet. The well-known blogger The Dainty Squid shares her home office/workspace with her closet. You read that correctly. Not to say that she works in a closet but that her office is also her wardrobe. If I had a rainbow of dresses, shoes and handbags, I might want to stare at them while working as well.

(via The Dainty Squid)

Link Love: Lifehacking


There are two excellent websites for lifehacks: Lifehack and Lifehacker. In amongst general information on how to get fit, eat better and be more productive are recommendations for work-related topics, zero-ing out your email inbox and app recommendations.

This week I decided to cherry pick a few of my favorite recent articles from these sites and share them here.


Mobile apps:



Link Love: Pens and Pansies

A lovely arrangement of art over her desk adds personality and inspiration (via Kimberly AH)

A lovely arrangement of art over her desk adds personality and inspiration (via Kimberly AH)


Plugging the Firm:

(via The USPS Stamp Of Approval blog)

Hutch and artwork (via One Sheepish Girl)

Hutch and artwork (via One Sheepish Girl)

Link Love: V is for Valentine’s Day

Colored pencil Valentine's greeting from Pencil Revolution

Colored pencil Valentine’s greeting from Pencil Revolution

Just a hodge-podge of Valentine’s Day fun, inspiration and things that are RED.

(via Craft)

(via Craft)

printable valentine's from Yellow Owl  Workshop (via Poppytalk)

printable valentine’s from Yellow Owl Workshop (via Poppytalk)

all white and wintry workspace (via Sacremento Street)

all white and wintry workspace (via Sacramento Street)

Wall mounted secretary desk (via Country Living)

Wall mounted secretary desk (via Country Living)

Hand drawn US postal rates for 2013 by Donovan Beeson (via Letter Writers Alliance)

Hand drawn US postal rates for 2013 by Donovan Beeson (via Letter Writers Alliance)


Thrift Store Chic


The desk shown looks pretty uninspired like something you’d pass in the local thrift store covered in dust, boxes and some old dot-matrix printers but clearly its worth a second look. Cleaned up and paired with a great chair, this desk becomes a lovely piece. Go forth and reconsider those thrift store finds!

(via Ray Down)

Tweed-y Workspace


I’ll let you in on a little secret. When I’m not waxing poetic about office supplies, I’m drooling over yarn, patterns and handmade knitwear. One of my favorite knitwear designers is Jared Flood, AKA Brooklyn Tweed and his patterns and delicious tweed yarns. When his studio space was featured on Design Sponge this week, it was kismet.


Jared’s workspace combines natural colors and textures with the same elegant sensibility that he uses with his knits and yarns. Warm nubbly neutrals like a reclaimed wood worktable, plush velvety carpet, lots of natural light and of course, lots and lots of yarn.

(via Design Sponge)

What Say Workspaces

old map and traditional desk   whole wall of inspiration

I am at home sick which leads to staring blankly at Pinterest, Tumblr and Google Reader wishing I could be doing something more productive. But I found more workspaces so I thought I’d share them.

small desk with mushroom colored wall and floral illustration wall hanging

tufted white office chair and glass topped desk

I found all these workspaces on the Tumblr site What Say Beauty which is mostly about fashion but occasionally posts a lovely workspace, office or desk.

trestle table desk and metal drawers

(Click on image image for a direct link to the original posts.)

Workspace Dreaming


Do you know what happens when I have a few days to just relax and kick back? I start imagining the perfect workspace/office retreat. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking a break but I feel the time away gives me perspective about what’s important and what needs more or less attention. After awhile, I look forward to bunkering down in my home office/studio to reading, writing and blogging.

lime green aqua and pink mid-century wood dek

And I am already thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions and making 2013 the best year ever. First on my list of priorities to revamp the office this year. Do I aim for quirky French market? Or classic mid-century or maybe bright and playful?


The more I think about the modern home office, the more I think that I need workspace but I don’t need a dedicated space for my computer since I work on a laptop, it can easily be tucked away when not in use, leaving space open for writing and other projects. I’ve considered switching to a large round communal table as the central focus of the office with drawers, shelves and cupboards along the walls.

round table

What do you hope to do with your workspace this year?

(photos via What Say Beauty, Decor8, Blood And Champagne and Nordic Design)

Eva Black’s Workspace


I love that this is a REAL workspace. It looks like two IKEA tabletops with simple cylinder legs moved into an L-shape formation and turned to face into the room taking advantage of the light from the window as well as not feeling like you’re staring at the wall all day. She used old glass jars to hold pens, pencils and other tidbits.

The chair does not look like the most comfortable or ergonomic but it also looks like Eva used what she had available. A pretty space on a real budget. Pretty darned cool.


(via Eva Black Designs, shout out to Kathy Z. for the tip!)

Decorate your workspace for the holidays

If you work in an office, is there any way to add a little holiday cheer to your space without just stringing some fairy lights over the cubicle walls? Pro Digial Photos added some holiday panache to their workspace that is both festive AND tasteful.

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.21.54 AM

Obscure that drop ceiling with ornaments and garland

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.22.09 AM

Tie a bow around your office chair and add a little sparkle to your desktop


Decorative wire trees are festive without a lot of fuss


And my favorite, hang a small wreath from the back of your chair to add a little festive flair to the workspace

I thought maybe these photos might give you some ideas. I know they gave me a couple. The key to decorating the workspace for the holidays is to be understated but festive. Nothing that distracts or inhibits work or will take too much time or effort to put up or take down. Best of luck and I hope you are getting into the spirit of the holidays too!

When is an office less like an office?

Microsoft office

Are employees more creative problem solvers when they are not tethered to a specific desk or cubicle? Is the new modern office an open modular space with cubbies or offices for when you need privacy and then open, airy spaces for idea-generation and collaboration? The interior design firm O+A has designed the workspaces for many of the best known west coast tech firms. I love the casual, homey vibe of a lot of these spaces.

AOL office

Why go to a coffee shop to work if your office has coffee-shop-style nooks AND you can draw on the walls with white board markers or chalk?

AOL office

Industrial elements like particle board benches and exposed HVAC give a quirky loft-style look to AOL and Dreamhost’s spaces.

Dreamhost LA office

Dreamhost LA office

With more and more mobile tools, its easier than ever to work on-the-go from a laptop, ipad or tablet or even from a mobile phone. Is the age of the cubicle over?

Square office

Would you feel more productive in spaces like this or more apt to goof off?

(all images from O+A)

Color in the workspace

Maybe its the autumn weather but I’ve really been attracted to workspaces with more color– deeper, darker, richer colors. So many of the office spaces I find are white, white, white. Let’s embrace dark woods, color and wallpaper!

Maple and Magnolia via Urban Farm Girl

via Pinterest

I am thinking I might like adding wallpaper to my workspace to add some pattern and color… you?

A well-worn brick wall isn’t something you can really recreate but I would definitely showcase it if I had one too.