Are these not the most beautifully old school looking crayons? Well, guess what? They are not vintage. I bought them just before Christmas at the local Hallmark shop. They are super smooth crayons perfect for labeling boxes, ceramic, plastic, and just about anything else.

Packaging for Staonal

Testing the Staonal marking crayons

Tested on a piece of scrap paper found in the Desk. I recognize the marks from many an auction and thrift store.

Staonal marking crayons

Sold eight per box for about $2.50. Found in boxes of all black or all red.

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One of my resolutions for 2012 is to learn more about fountain pens and inks. This handy tool called the Nib Nook lets you create a comparison of nibs from the various manufacturers carried at Goulet Pens.

If you are also interested in learning more about fountain pens and inks, Goulet Pens offers ink samples and an ink sampling subscription called the Ink Drop — a great way to try out lots of different inks before buying full bottles.

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The agony of choosing just the right planner/agenda for the New Year tend to put my teeth on edge. Then, I stumbled across the Moleskine comparison tool. Oh, finally!

First, you select what you are looking for, be it planner or something else, and then refine your search based on your size preference, format preference and even if you like a hardcover or softcover. In the case of my search for a new agenda for 2012, I was able to quickly narrow down the options to just four options. Then I hopped over to the online big box store and found exactly what I wanted on sale. Done and done.

Happy Holidays to everyone! The Well-Appointed Desk will be back after the holidays and a much-needed holiday. Hope you all have a restful holiday and start jotting down those New Year’s Resolutions! See you on Jan 2, 2012!

Season’s greeting poster from ad agency, Publicis Singapore. The pencil is embossed with “Every good idea begins with a pencil.”

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The Field Book from Russel + Hazel is an understated all-business notebook. It has grid pages for notes and plans with blank backs for sketching. There’s even an interior vellum envelope for storing ephemera. It contains 100 pages, twin-loop wire binding and measure 5”x7.25”. $8

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DIY Pencil cup cozy and note paper coaster. Oh, how perfect to make this over the holidays so I’ll be ready to go on Jan. 2 with a reusable cup cozy (for Resolution #17: Be more environmentally friendly) and inspire me to write and draw more (Resolutions # 3 and #4 respecitvely).

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My husband absolutely loves his Sherpa, so much so, that he bought a second one. These pens are actually shells that will hold a Sharpie or other disposable pen. My husband insists it keeps people from walking off with his Sharpies which, as we know, is an all-too common occurence in most workplaces.

Since Sherpas were introduced, Sharpie has started offering their own refillable pens but with the design variety available from Sherpa and the ability to hold not only a Sharpie marker but also a rollerball pen, what’s not to like?  $8.99 for the Stainless Steel Sharpie and $29.95 for a Sherpa.

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The Library Pocket Journal is filled with a wide variety of papers (lined, graphed, blank, colored) some printed with images of ticket stubs, postcards and other travel ephemera interspersed throughout the whole book along with half dozen envelopes bound into the pages to hold any ephemera. 5.5” x 8” and contains 56 pages. $22

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Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

After over a year of steady use, I have to say that the Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen is my favorite fountain pen. I do not purchase many fountain pens because a lot of them are pricey, finicky and tend to be on the large side, designed more for men-of-means than ladies-on-a-budget. But Kaweco is a clear exception.

The design of the pen makes it very small when capped and a decent length when uncapped (the cap rest nicely on the end of the pen). Its available in just a few universally acceptable colors (navy, black, white, bordeaux and demonstrator clear). I purchased mine with the extra fine nib which I love but fine,medium and broad nibs are also available. It accepts standard replaceable ink cartridges and, thanks to Kathy Z. over at 16 Sparrows/Letter Writers Alliance, I now know you can refill these plastic ink cartridges with a Goulet Ink Syringe. Also, a clip is available in either gold or silver ($2.30) $21

Other Kaweco fountain pens are also available and range in price from the brightly colored plastic ICE series for $21, the student model for $55, the metal finish AL Sport models for $69 and the carbon fiber for $112.

The student model is the only version that does not fit into its cap for the shorter dimensions when not in use but this does allow for carrying an extra cartridge inside the body or room for a refillable cartridge.


A subscription is a great gift that will keep on giving like the Colors subscription from Field Notes. If you purchase a subscription now, you’ll receive two sets of the Northerly 3-packs and two kraft-cover 3-packs sent immediately and then quarterly, other limited edition sets will be delivered. Each quarterly set will include two 3-packs so you can use one and share one or save it like the geeky collector I know you are. In total, you (or your very lucky gift recipient) receive 30 memo books for $97 including shipping. Sweet deal. Make sure Santa knows you’ve been good.

Other great subscription ideas for the office supply-inclined is the Rad & Hungry STMT kits which are available as individual sets, quarterly subscriptions or annual subscriptions. Prices start at $16 plus shipping for the single sets.

And of course, we must not forget Lost Crates. Personal subscriptions of office products tailored to your taste (via an online survey quiz) are $38 a month or try one of their gift crates or limited edition crates.

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The Super 8 app for iPhone was released by Paramount Pictures as a promotional gimmick for the film but over the year it has developed quite a cult following. The app lets you create video in the stylized look of old Super 8 home movies. It looks quite a bit like the video equivalent of Instagram or Hipstamatic.  99¢

Another vintage video option is 8mm Vintage Camera. $1.99

Either option won’t break the bank. And they’re just in time to capture those holiday moments in a dreamy, grainy, bleached, vintage look.

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I’ve thought long and hard trying to come up with a spectacular round-up of gift ideas  but today it dawned on me that just about everyday is a gift guide here at The Well-Appointed Desk. I hope you don’t think I’ve sold you short but since we just passed the 1000-post mark last month, there are more than enough goodies in the archives to hopefully satisfy every taste.

So, please search back into the archives and look in categories like:

Happy holidays to everyone and I hope there are fresh pens and pencils, new notebooks and an iTunes gift card in everyone’s stocking!

I’ve been suckered into those clean, classic lines of the Parsons desk yet again thanks to the metal clad finish. For anyone on a budget, the Parsons is the go-to desk for any well-appointed office.

It’s on sale for $349. Also available is the mirrored finish on sale for $419 and in various wood veneer finishes starting at $209. Hurry, sale ends today!

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