Office Supply Whimsy

office-y accessories from modcloth

While surfing around ModCloth looking for stationery, I found some other goodies for the office and for the office supply geek.

First, there is the cookie-inspired USB cup warmer. I’ve been grumbling about my coffee or tea cooling off and I have one open USB port left on my office computer. Solution? At $14.99, it just might be.

In the middle image is the vintage-inspired, ceramic dachshund paper organizer. Display your incoming post, letters and photos in the coils. It’s hot dog cool for your desk. Just $12.99.

And what paper nerd wouldn’t want to curl up under a sheet of notebook paper with the Free Verse Reveries duvet cover? Dream sweet pen and ink dreams. $89.99


And the Pencil Me In shoes are back in stock. It’s the perfect shoe for the teacher, librarian or office supply geek in your life. $109.99. If you’re feeling generous, I wear a 6.5.

Easy, Tiger Giveaway

Easy, Tiger Vending Machine

The folks behind the start-up Easy, Tiger are rocking the local KC scene with their inventive card vending machines in area coffee shops as well as their pop-up shop on First Fridays in the Crossroads. For those folks outside the KC area, you can purchase their unique, witty cards, tees and prints from their online shop.It’s not as fun as pulling the handle on a vending machine but the cards are just as cool.

The 2-person team has created an assortment of tees, cards and prints and the web site is hinting at journals being on the horizon. I can’t wait to see the journals!

Easy, Tiger Tee

Tees sell for $19.99.

Cowboy Card I blame you card Nothing I Won't Do Card

These are a few of my favorite cards. Fun, playful and everyday sendable. Each card is $2.49.

Best at Life Print

The new print is a gold foil stamped design on black paper. It’s 13×19″ and sells for $24.99. The perfect gift for the champ in your life.

Easy, Tiger have kindly offered a prize package that will include a print, a tee and an assortment of cards. Please tell me what your favorite Easy, Tiger card is in the comments to be entered to win.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Friday, December 13, 2013. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Monday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 30 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner (this means that international readers are welcome to enter if you’re willing to pay for postage. If not, please do not enter this giveaway). We are generous but we’re not made of money.



Interior design team and brothers Doug and Gene Meyer shared images on their blog of their desks and the massive collage walls of inspiration in their Miami studio. They actual employ a collage technique in a lot of the spaces they design for clients. Its a feast for the eyes and a great way to brighten the space over your desk if you don’t have a window view.

PS: I love the steel tables (make your own at Ikea or buy a colorful metal desk at CB2) on wheels with the green upholstered Eames aluminum side group chairs and citrus yellow filing cabinets (the Bisley drawers or the CB2 TPS file cabinet are similar). What would you cover the walls with?


(via Doug and Gene Meyer blog)

Link Love: Pinning away for it


From my Well-Appointed Desk board (clockwise from top left): A homey workspace, a very elegant workspace, a desk transformed from Martha Stewart, and a workspace from Design Sponge

This week, I thought I’d cull through all my desk, pen and office supply boards on Pinterest and give you some visual Link Love. Check the sidebar to find me on Pinterest and follow the boards that interest you.


From my Pens and Pencils Board (clockwise from top left): Pantone marker set, beautiful Edison Encore pen dipped into water for a rinse from Goulet Pens and Pelikan Edelstein ink swabs from JetPens.


From my Digital Office Board (clockwise from top left): iPhone cases from Ampersand Shop, stackable USB cords and Kate Spade desktop wallpaper


From my Desk Accessories board (clockwise from top left): Doane 3-ring notebook paper, pencil cup dispenser, office supplies from Restoration Hardware and a desktop screensaver clock

Other folks to follow on Pinterest:

Link Love: Write It, Erase It, Stick It

The Cake Eraser (via DovBee on Instagram)

The Cake Eraser (via DovBee on Instagram)

Paper & Notebooks:

Pens and Inks:

Pantone swatches matched to the world (via Laughing Squid -- Thanks, Annie!)

Pantone swatches matched to the world (via Laughing Squid — Thanks, Annie!)


Coccocoino paste from Italy (via Patrick Ng on Instagram)

Coccocoino paste from Italy (via Patrick Ng on Instagram)


Created with a Copic Sketch Marker (via 26Symbols)

Created with a Copic Sketch Marker (via 26Symbols)


Yummy Wallpaper for Mobile Devices


Thanks to the great folks on (you can find me @Ana), I found a great assortment of wallpapers for iPhone and iPad (and any other mobile device I’m sure) by an artist named Simon C Page.


Go download them now and make your day.

Simon C Page Wallpaper grid

What my iPad Mini looks like now.

If you download a few, click the donate button on his site and buy Simon a cuppa  — it’s just a nice thing to do.

(via and Simon C Page)

Link Love: Brown, Instagram and Feedbin… to name a few


Favorite products in brown by A Penchant For Paper


Here are a few of the great photos I found on Instagram this week: (clockwise from top right) Empty cartridges from Brad Dowdy, well-holstered pens by Patrick Ng, an old Parker Washable Blue cartridge from Ivan R, notebooks from PaperBlanks, Osmiroid nib from Ivan R, typewriter at Arch Drafting Supplies Letter Writing Social by The Black and the Red, Pelikan ink cartridges from Rad + Hungry, demonstrator fountaun pens by slotracer and "Smooth writing" sample by Bakesan

Here are a few of the great photos I found on Instagram this week: (clockwise from top right) Empty cartridges from Brad Dowdy, two-toned pens by Patrick Ng, an old Parker Washable Blue cartridge from Ivan R, Shiraz notebooks from PaperBlanks, Osmiroid italic nib from Ivan R, typewriter at Arch Drafting Supplies Letter Writing Social by The Black and the Red, Pelikan ink cartridges from Rad + Hungry, demonstrator fountaun pens by slotracer21 and “Smooth writing” sample by Bakanekosan


The new Palomino Blackwing Pearl Review is coming! Check out these great photos from Pencil Revolution

The new Palomino Blackwing Pearl Review is coming! Check out these great photos from Pencil Revolution while you wait.

Digital Bits:

And finally, I hope you will all take a moment to read and comment on 13-year-old Kayte’s post on how she became a pen addict. Its inspiring to see her enthusiasm and passion. Let’s support her!

Paperclip Hooks


I never know where I’m going to find some little bit of office-y inspiration. Today, it came – from all places – the children’s home decor shop, Land of Nod in the form of metal paper-clip-shaped hooks. What a perfect place to hang up your laptop tote or your Mr. Roger’s cardigan — doesn’t everyone have one of those?

(Available in red, pink, silver and yellow for $8.95 each from Land of Nod)

Poolga Loves Pencils


Poolga offers beautiful iPhone and iPad wallpapers created by illustrators from around the world. They are free and a chance to look at something lovely every time you turn your device on. I, of course, gravitated to all the illustrations that featured pencils and various office supplies but visit the site and peruse because there is all sorts of fabulousness to be had.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Stuff on White by Andrea Manzati, Pen by Denis Carrier, Pencil Gold by Thom Lambert, Letter by Louis Reith, Toolbox by Christopher Monro DeLorenzo, Workaday by Luke Séguin-Magee, Draw by themeekshall, Enforcer by Dale Edwin Murray, ¡Uops! by Júlia Solans, 009 by Kitchen, Brainstorm by Dan Gneiding, American Typewriter by Tom Davie, Moleskine by Luis Mendo, Having it All by Matthew Walkerdine, Mobile Office by Rainer Berg

I almost forgot one of my favorites:


Paper by Frank Chimero

(via Poolga)

Thumbtack Upgrade


You never know where inspiration might strike. Modcloth had a great idea for jazzing up those plain silver or brass thumbtacks. Grab some old nail polish colors and paint those caps to be something that you want to see rather than something you’re trying to ignore.

A tip for paint thumb tacks is to pierce them into a piece of corrugated cardboard so you don’t have to hold them or balance them as they dry. Paint them solid, stripey or with dots. Voila! Crafty project that makes your office look fancy or so you know when someone steals your supplies.

(via Modcloth)

Redress Your Desktop

Whether you spend all day staring at a computer or a mobile device, eventually the urge to “redecorate” hits. I’ve found some lovely wallpaper patterns for both.


For your desktop, check out the array of wallpapers from Design Love Fest.

From Fellow Fellow are some lovely iPhone (and various mobile devices) wallpapers like these:

FF_IPhone031 FF_IPhone013 Ikat5

(click on each pattern above to find more from Fellow Fellow)


For other GUI goodies, check out:

Got a good source for great wallpapers or do you make your own? Leave a note in the comments. Thanks!

The L.E.A.D. 2.5 Word Processor

Lead Pencil Plaque

Found on one of my many adventures thrifting/antiquing in Kansas City, this is the L.E.A.D.* 2.5 Word Processor plaque featuring the ever handy pencil. Under the current circumstances, sans power in many places in the KC area, they may be on to something.

The plaque is dated 1984 from Hector Sanchez, San Diego, CA. For a larger version of the image to read all the text, go here.

(*Light, Economical and Dependable)

Oh, Hello Friend Desktop Wallpapers

Oh, Hello Friend January 2013 wallpaper

I don’t know if you like changing your desktop wallpaper regularly but I do. Unfortunately, finding pleasing but not disruptive wallpapers can be quite challenging. So I was pleased to find that Oh, Hello Friend offers a free desktop wallpaper for your computer, cellphone or iPad each month. Most months the wallpaper is a lovely calendar but for January of this year, as if she knew I would be too far behind to get it to you in time, is an inspirational message.

Oh, Swingline Stapler, Oh, Swingline Stapler!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here, even though Halloween has not even come and gone yet. Why, you might ask? Because the Swingline classic 747 model Rio red stapler ornament arrived and you couldn’t get me into the Christmas spirit faster with egg nog and The Christmas Story than with this office-centric ornament.

Shall we deck the halls with office supplies, wreaths of Post-It notes and garlands of hole reinforcements?

Milton from Office Space and his coveted stapler (via The Virtual Stapler)


Better Work Enviroment? Add a Plant or 11.

According to Gardenista, the best way to improve your work environment is to add some real live greenery in the form of a plant. Acutally, eleven plants. According to a study by NASA plants help to break down the stale, carbon dioxide-laden air and filter out harmful organic compounds but you’ll need eleven plants for every one cubicle dweller. Even a teeny, tiny, little plant might help clean the air and brighten your work space like the succulent pictured above.