Adding some color to your workspace

After a week in the sun, I am having a hard transition back to my beige cubicle and windowless view. So I was hunting for some accessories to brighten up my workspace. Here’s what I found:

Peach workspace wall

A bright chair cushion or an accent wall in a bright color would go a long way to spicing up my work area.

Bright art and hangings

Fancy, fun hanging pieces like the paper and fabric chandeliers here would enliven a dreary corner. Colorful framed art would also help.

A colorful light fixture, rug and guest chair would definitely add a little punch.

A colorful light fixture, rug and guest chair would definitely add a little punch.

Bookshelves and framed artwork

Framed art, large signage letters and a bookcase would be a great addition to a workspace if I had the space.

Orange accents

Colorful storage boxes are a quick way to clean up clutter and unify the space. Now, if they’d just open the Ikea in Kansas City, I’d jump all over this.

Find more inspiration at Rue Magazine art director Maia MacDonald Smith‘s Office Space Pinterest board. Or visit the Well-Appointed Desk Pinterest board.

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A Desk that Hides the Cable Spaghetti

Minimalist Desk

This clean, simple desk from Artifox helps keep all those cables contained in a pocket beneath the work surface, hidden behind a hinged wooden door. Finally, no unsightly cords!

The top has a finished slot to allow charging of portable devices while simultaneously hiding the cable clutter and propping the devices up into a viewable angle. The right hand side of the work surface features a built-in whiteboard too (I wonder if they offer a lefty option? They do!). Finally, there are pegs under the desk to hang headphones, bag or other daily essentials. Beautiful, simple and elegant.

Minimalist Desk hiding cables

(link via Design Milk, desk from Artifox starting at $1,199 US)

Wood You Look at That?

I’m loving reclaimed wood or deep stained wood desks lately. Whether the look is rustic, mid-century or ladylike, I love them all. Maybe its a desire to have a work surface that’s not made of MDF or faux wood veneer.

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(via An Open Sketchbook)

(via An Open Sketchbook)

(via aESTHETICa)

(via aESTHETICa)

(via Homedit)

(via Homedit)

(via My Old Country House)

(via My Old Country House)

(via Funky Junk Interiors)

(via Funky Junk Interiors)

(via Corey Russell on Etsy)

(via Corey Russell on Etsy)

(via Urban Wood Goods on Etsy)

(via Urban Wood Goods on Etsy)

(via Brunch At Saks)

(via Brunch At Saks)

(via Fashion Clue)

(via Fashion Clue)

(via Jen Serafini)

(via Jen Serafini)

Is your desk wood, metal or some other material? Are you thinking about upgrading?

Rustic Pallet Desks


In my search for woodsy, natural feeling workspaces, I stumbled upon the idea of building desks, tables and shelving out of reclaimed shipping pallets and wooden crates. There was an extensive article on where I found many of the photos shown above. Some refinished the pallets, sanded or stained to a lovely finish while other options left the material in its raw state with all the stains and wear-and-tear from its previous life clearly visible. The fold-up pallet desk is a good option for those with little space or for the kids to use for homework or craft projects.

Instructions for building your own pallet fold-away desk cane be found at Thistlewood Farms.

Evergreen Office Spaces

With all the grey, bleak weather around these days, I got the itch to redesign my office speace with lush greens and natural woods. I want to create an oasis of greenery, woodsy beauty indoors.

Putting a desk near the window takes advantage of natural light without being distracting.

I love how functional this space is – and crammed to the gills. The Vitra vintage plastic wall (available new from Design Within Reach for a mere $475) caddy is a great way to keep tools handy and makes an office space feel more like a workshop.

Holiday Cheer: Office Style

holiday red desk

Do you string fairy lights across your cubicle wall or put a tree on your desk to get into the spirit of the season? If not, maybe its time to put a little holiday cheer in the office? Hang some decorations from your bulletin board or wall.

free Santa Claus stationery

Maybe download some printable stationery “From the Desk of Santa Claus” to write your lists and notes?

wreath over desk

Hang a wreath or a stocking from your chair or on the wall in your office?

Holiday Desktop Wallpaper

Or for an understated sense of holiday cheer, download a desktop wallpaper and tune into a holiday radio station or Spofity playlist and sing along to a little Bing?

Vanity Fair Desks


Each month, in Vanity Fair magazine (and on their website) there is an annotated photo of a famous person’s desk. For the pen geek, its a treat to see that Jerry Bruckheimer collects ornate fountain pens, that Lorne Michaels office looks just like the set created for Sutdio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and Trey Parker and Mat Stone’s office is just as messy as you thought it would be. I love Aaron Sorkin’s vintage Pen & Pencil ashtray shown in the photo above.

They also have a digital version of the My Desk column called My Phone that shows digerati’s home screens and they discuss their favorite apps.

(via Vanity Fair)

Desk with a View

(via Decor8)

(via Decor8)

(via 79 Ideas)

(via 79 Ideas)

(via Domino)

(via Domino)

I’m feeling like what my work space needs, more than anything, is a view of the outdoors. Does your office or workspace have a window? Is your desk strategically placed so that you can peek out of it every now and then? If not, it might be time to move so that you can see the glorious colors of fall (or if you’re on the other side of the world, the glorious greening of summer).

(via Decorista)

(via Decorista)

The Desk Looks Good On European Paper


The folks over at European Paper, an online paper goods shop located in Colorado (not really Europe at all!), have taken some of my desk and office pins from Pinterest and combined them with some of their lovely paper goods and featured them on their blog. Click on the images to see EP’s product recommendations that coordinate with these work spaces.

And stay tuned, their shall be more collaborations between The Desk and European Paper. Are you excited? I am!


Lucky Office Indeed

Lucky Chen's desk

Not to usurp the awesomeness of Lucky Magazine’s editor-in-chief Eva Chen’s new office but the once hallowed home decor magazine Domino is back as an online magazine and shopping portal. Just so you know.

Chen desk details

View from Chen's desk

Now, back to Ms. Chen’s office. Its a lovely light, bright, colorful space complete with sofas to lounge upon and flowers galore. Its a bit of an ideal ideal but I do love the nice clean, white desk for all the computer equipment. And I really need to keep more flowers and greenery in my workspace. I do think it cheers things up immensely.

I would, however, have put a large wooden table and chairs where the couches and coffee table are. I prefer a good working area to meet or spread out all those pages for review and editing, then couches to veg out on.

farm table

I’d recommend a good work table like this wood table with vintage metal school chairs. (via Alison Milne)


Or this beautiful blonde wood table with Bend Lucy side chairs (via The Place Home)

(via Domino)

Wooden Desk Wonders

Brad Ford's Secondary Workspace (via Canadian House & Home)

Brad Ford’s Secondary Workspace (via Canadian House & Home)

Michelle James Brooklyn brownstone. Photo by  Nicole Franzen for Remodelista (via Dust Jacket Attic)

Michelle James Brooklyn brownstone. Photo by Nicole Franzen for Remodelista (via Dust Jacket Attic)

(via The Woodgrain Cottage)

(via The Woodgrain Cottage)

(via SF Girl by the Bay)

(via SF Girl by the Bay)

Wooden desks wear beautifully and look great. Here’s a few for your “new desk” file. (The last desk with classic early 60s and built-in shelving is my favorite for sure. You?)

(Click on each photo to go to the source website)

Corporate office with flair: Meghan Goulette at Rockit Ranch Productions


A peek inside the office of Meghan Goulette, Director of Marketing at Rockit Ranch Productions shows a space with traditional modern office furniture with her own aesthetic touches to make it feel more personal and luxe. She keeps a vase of fresh flowers and a vase of oranges to give a joyous pop of color. She added some in-box trays in lime and a black ceramic dish to hold her personal items. On the wall, she added zig zag striped fabric panels for notes and inspiration. Hot pink storage boxes on the shelf help hide any additional clutter.

Do you have any techniques for jazzing up corporate office basics?

(via The Every Girl, photos by Jennifer Kathryn Photography)




Interior design team and brothers Doug and Gene Meyer shared images on their blog of their desks and the massive collage walls of inspiration in their Miami studio. They actual employ a collage technique in a lot of the spaces they design for clients. Its a feast for the eyes and a great way to brighten the space over your desk if you don’t have a window view.

PS: I love the steel tables (make your own at Ikea or buy a colorful metal desk at CB2) on wheels with the green upholstered Eames aluminum side group chairs and citrus yellow filing cabinets (the Bisley drawers or the CB2 TPS file cabinet are similar). What would you cover the walls with?


(via Doug and Gene Meyer blog)

Mad Men Modernist


Even Don Draper needs to upgrade his office furniture every season or so. The set designers for Mad Men worked hard to make the office furniture appropriate for the time period using both vintage and reproduction pieces. The article on Midcentry Modernist goes into extensive detail about the specific pieces used and the subtle upgrades made throughout the series.

(via Midcentury Modernist)

Link Love: Pinning away for it


From my Well-Appointed Desk board (clockwise from top left): A homey workspace, a very elegant workspace, a desk transformed from Martha Stewart, and a workspace from Design Sponge

This week, I thought I’d cull through all my desk, pen and office supply boards on Pinterest and give you some visual Link Love. Check the sidebar to find me on Pinterest and follow the boards that interest you.


From my Pens and Pencils Board (clockwise from top left): Pantone marker set, beautiful Edison Encore pen dipped into water for a rinse from Goulet Pens and Pelikan Edelstein ink swabs from JetPens.


From my Digital Office Board (clockwise from top left): iPhone cases from Ampersand Shop, stackable USB cords and Kate Spade desktop wallpaper


From my Desk Accessories board (clockwise from top left): Doane 3-ring notebook paper, pencil cup dispenser, office supplies from Restoration Hardware and a desktop screensaver clock

Other folks to follow on Pinterest:

Bluetiful Desks

From aqua to navy, blue is a soothing color and a great backdrop for those shiny silver and black computers we all use. I have collected, from all over the internet, an array of bluetiful desks from tres feminine to manly and retro.

(via Decoist)

(via Decoist)

(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

Do you prefer a natural work surface or would you consider using getting a can of paint and having a more whimsical desk? If not blue, what color would you choose?

(via BHG)

(via BHG)

The Workspaces of Famous Men

I love seeing he workspaces of authors and other famous folks. So finding this treasure trove of photos of workspaces totally made my day.

William F. Buckley at the eye of his personal paper storm.

William F. Buckley at the eye of his personal paper storm.

This is cluttered space where writer William F. Buckley is a converted garage. He spent a lot of his life and even died here.

Neil Gaiman's writing hut

Neil Gaiman’s writing hut

The writing hut used by Neil Gaiman is one of the most amazing little places. I would love to have a place like this someday thought I doubt I would write anything as loved or amazing as The Anansi Boys, Neverwhere, or American Gods.

Churchill at his standing desk.

Churchill at his standing desk.

The new focus on standing desks and treadmill desks aren’t a new thing. Winston Churchill was a believer in a standing desk fifty years before the Nike FuelBand.

There are a dozen other workspaces to see on Art of Manliness. Enjoy!

(all photos via The Art of Manliness)

Day of the Desks

Beatriz Macias's home work space via Apartment Therapy

Beatriz Macias’s home work space via Apartment Therapy

Today I want to share some home office inspiration, from feminine and floral to sparse and even a dark, dramatic option. Enjoy!

A black and white minimal space (via A Merry Mishap)

A black and white minimal space (via A Merry Mishap)

Abigail Ahern's tropical drama from Interiorator

Abigail Ahern’s tropical drama from Interiorator

Organized clutter via Photo Forum

Organized clutter via Photo Forum

Shabby French glam via Tumblr

Shabby French glam via This Ivy House on Tumblr

Built-ins with patterned paper via The Decoist

Built-ins with patterned paper via The Decoist, by Jessica Lagrange

Mid Century made modern with vibrant wallpaper and metal work surfaces via The Decoist

Mid Century made modern with vibrant wallpaper and metal work surfaces via The Decoist, by Charles DeLisle / photo by Art Gray

Glam and sophisticated space via The Decoist

Glam and sophisticated space via The Decoist, by Cynthia Mason Interiors

Kelle Howard-Deane’s Home Office

pink home office

Kelle Howard-Deane, from Habitat + Beyond Kids:

One of the great things about owning my own business is that I get to work from home. So it was very important to me as an Interior Designer that I have a space that reflects my style and is an inspiring and energizing place to come to work! I love everything about my office, it has all the essentials… flowers, candles, pink walls, my iMac, a skull and, of course, some animal print!

(Image Source: Kelle Howard-Deane, via Belle Maison)

Free People Offices




The offices of Free People are in Philadelphia in the navy yard alongside the office for Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. There is a bohemian bazaar feeling to the Free People space that mirrors the fashions that they sell.

I like that they covered the Eames Aluminum Group Chairs with ethnic print fabrics in one of their conference rooms. The natural wood conference tables are such a nice change from the laminate tables found in most conference rooms.



The work spaces are definitely not cubicles in the traditional sense. There’s lots of exposed, natural materials and natural light give the space a studio feel.


(via Garance Dore)



This simple if slightly ironing-board-looking desk is designed to allow you to adjust the height of the table from a sitting to standing desk just by cranking the handle. There has been lots of press about the advantages of changing your position throughout the day, this would be a good option to make that easy without having a desk that look like a medical instrument.

(via Better Living Through Design)


Inside JCrew President Jenna Lyons Office

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

Fast Company featured the new, young president of JCrew, Jenna Lyons in its most recent issue with photos of her office. Her space looks more boho than corner office executive. Its quirky and artsy and totally couture which seems only fitting.

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

The article about Lyons rise to the top of the JCrew ladder is also a great story about how passion and creativity make for better products that corporate strategies and cost-cutting.

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

You can even view her office with a 360 degree viewer on photographer Sam Rohn’s site.

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)

(Photos by Matt Furman for Fast Company)